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Kilimanjaro in all its glory!   1 comment

Kilimanjaro in all its glory!


5 Kilimanjaro Accessories you haven’t thought about…   Leave a comment

1.    Snood

Some of you may be asking ‘What on earth is a snood!?’ Well it is very similar to a scarf and is made out of a breathable material that wraps around your nose and mouth comfortably and provides a couple of benefits. The first, keeping your face warm in the strong, cold winds at certain points of the climb. Secondly, and most importantly on the way down you will find the land to be very dry and dusty. As you fly down the mountain the dust will do its upmost to get in your mouth and nose…your snood is your greatest defence!

2.    High factor lip sunblock

We have all burnt our lips at some point on holiday, or even when the unexpected heat hits Britain. At the top of Kilimanjaro you are nearly 6000m closer to the sun than the most of Britain, which means although you may feel cold the suns strong rays will still be torturing your skin and lips. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough!

3.    Wet wipes

It isn’t often you hear the statement ‘You cannot have enough wet wipes’, but it is amazing how often we hear this from clients when they come back from summiting. 5-8 days without a shower and quite a few days without any form of toilet…wet wipes will undoubtedly become your best friend before even your own nose turns against you. As one of our most recent Kilimanjaro summiter so eloquently put it, “Wet wipes were essential to my ‘gentlemans wash’”.

 4.    Walking Poles

Walking poles, they simply seem like two sticks and could easily be overlooked as you try to work out which stuff to leave at home with your mountain of gear. Please don’t…they take so much pressure off your knees on the way down you will be so thankful. They also double up as great leaning poles as the thinner air starts to take hold of your lungs and your energy dwindles.

 5.    4 season sleeping bag

Sleeping on the side of a mountain with your heart racing as the altitude has its effects is not easy at the best of times. Your sleep is vital for your body to recover and you will need every minute you can get to give you energy for the next days hiking. With the constant and ever changing climate and weather on Kilimanjaro a 4 season sleeping bag is essential to getting a reasonable night’s sleep.