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AcclimatiseMe supports the Ultra6 challenge!   Leave a comment

AcclimatiseMe are proud to be supporting The Ultra6 World Record Challenge

Andy North, Ben Wood, Mick Bowden, Mike Senior and Dave Edwards will complete the 850 miles consisting of six marathons and over 600 cycling miles in under seven days thus creating a new world record. Each day we will be running a marathon distance of 26.2 miles followed by a further 100 miles cycling, a total of 15 hours on the move.

“Motivate & Inspire people to actively participate in sport, people of all ages to be fit and healthy in the great outdoors locally & across the UK”

This is a unique venture and we invite both members of the public and supporting businesses to take part in the challenge. We also welcome anyone to join the endeavour at any stage of the route either by bike, on foot, by skateboard, or even by tandem.

Each entrant will be able to drop in and out of the challenge at any stage of the event and in doing so they will be able to help and inspire the Ultra6 team to create the World Record.

The trekking entourage will also be joined for two days along the route by inspirational veteran Afghanistan soldier Andy Reid. Andy is a triple amputee who hopes to encourage people to take part and provide inspiration ‘to give you that extra 10% when you’re facing your challenges and hurdles in your daily life’.

The World Record challenge has the full support & leadership of Andy Reid who was a Corporal with the 3rd Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment, whilst on patrol in Afghanistan, Andy stood on a pressure plate IED and as a result of the explosion, he lost both his legs one below and one above the knee and his right arm.  After only 2 weeks Andy astounded people with his recovery and positive attitude. The Soldiers’ charity fully supported Andy by providing floor lifts and ramps throughout his house to ensure he had full access at all times. 

You can sponsor this phenomenal challenge here:


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Exciting Link with Water-To-Go   Leave a comment

AcclimatiseMe are proud to announce a new working link with Water-to-go who have produced the most unique and innovative personal water filtration system.

Originally developed for the NASA Space Programme, the filter eliminates over 99.9% of all contaminants in water. Using this fantastic water bottle not only saves you money, but reduces landfill and plastic pollution.

The Water-to-go water bottle will change hydration forever. Simply fill the bottle from any non-saltwater source and the unique patented filter will remove over 99.9% of contaminants, such as bacteria, viruses, harmful chemicals and even heavy metals – as you drink. Tap water can be instantly turned into clean, safe and ‘better than bottled’ quality water instantly, at a cost of pennies per litre.

Order your water bottle today!

Using the code ACCME1 you will get 10% discount off your order.

Cycling London to Bangladesh
“This June we’re setting off on a cycle expedition from London to Bangladesh and making sure we have safe drinking water is a major issue for much of the route. We looked at various solutions and the Water to Go bottles seemed like the best option all round. They’ll give us total piece of mind and mean we can get great tasting water from virtually any source. What’s also great is that we’ll be able to drink the water instantly rather than waiting for purification tablets which will be vital as we’ll need to be constantly hydrated.”
Luke and Tom

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AcclimatiseMe founder receives royal recognition   Leave a comment

I was very honoured this week to be awarded the Yorkshire Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, presented by Prince Andrew. Whilst I have never been in business to win awards or receive accolades, to receive recognition of this prestigious award was a genuine honour. I’m not so good at blowing my own trumpet, so here are some words about the event and why AcclimatiseMe won.

Chris with award

A recent University postgraduate has received a prestigious award from the Duke of York in recognition of his entrepreneurial skills.
Chris Hale, who founded AcclimatiseMe, an innovative altitude business whilst studying for an MA in Business Management, was a winner in the first ever Duke of York Entrepreneur Awards which were held on Tuesday 21 May.
The Awards acknowledged Yorkshire and the Humber’s finest student and graduate entrepreneurs and Chris was one of ten winners who represented each of the region’s universities. Yorkshire was specifically chosen for the launch of the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Awards due to the strength of its local partnerships, as well as the region’s success in developing business start-up services and funding.
​Chris founded AcclimatiseMe whilst completing his MA in Business Management at Leeds Trinity University. The young entrepreneur has introduced cutting edge altitude training technology from New Zealand to the British market, which helps climbers to prepare for their summits, thrill seekers to conquer Kilimanjaro and elite sports professionals to improve their performance and speed up their rehab process. AcclimatiseMe continues to attract critical acclaim, with Chris currently in the running for a Shell LiveWIRE Grand Ideas Awards.

Thanks for reading, onwards and upwards for AcclimatiseMe!

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The Outdoors Show   Leave a comment

This January 17th-20th we are exhibiting at the prestigious Outdoors Show at the Excel in London.The Outdoors Show is the UK’s Number 1 show for outdoor enthusiasts and in 2012 attracted over 85,000 visitors. Whether you’re interested in walking, hiking, climbing, mountaineering, camping, photography, canoeing, cycling, mountain biking, sailing or anything else outdoorsy – you’re sure to find plenty of interest and have a great day at the show.

 This years theme is 60 years on Everest and will give visitors an insight into the history, both past and present of the great mountain.The exhibition will feature amazing photography documenting key expeditions as well as a display of clothing, and a selection of special artefacts.

Come and see us, as we are offering an exclusive 20% off courses if you sign up at the show, whilst offering a free chance to try our altitude training from the comfort of our reclining leather chair. We are on stand OU130. 

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New Year Competition!   Leave a comment

Happy New Year from the AcclimatiseMe team! 

We are going to start the year with a fantastic competition, with the prize being a pair of tickets to The Outdoor Show at the Excel in London January 17-20th. 

So, to win this great prize all you have to do is email the most exciting adventure you are embarking on in 2013 and what it means to you to achieve it! Email all responses to by Friday 11th January and we will decide the winner next Saturday! Good luck, we can’t wait to hear from you! 

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‘Sleep high, train low’   Leave a comment

The concept of altitude training is not a new one in the sports world, however the principles have changed. Research has recently shown that it is much more beneficial to ‘sleep’ at altitude and train at sea level, as training at altitude reduces your exercise capacity due to the ‘thinner air’ meaning there is less oxygen available for your body to utilise. Whereas ‘sleeping’ at altitude provides a double-edged sword, as the altitude will improve your oxygen efficiency and circulation, vastly improving your day to day training.

Here at AcclimatiseMe we specify in intermittent hypoxia, so what is it? 

Put simply, we reduce the oxygen available in the air in a safe and controlled environment, forcing the body to react and adapt to the lower level of oxygen available (between 14-7%).

By breathing less oxygen the body learns how to cope and subtle physiological changes occur. Using AcclimatiseMe, you alternate between breathing reduced oxygen air and normal air, and it is this interval in the breathing programme that speeds up the adaptation process.

Your body is forced to learn how to react to less oxygen and then re-adapt to its normal oxygen content in a short period of time which educates your body to use your oxygen supply more efficiently.

This process results in your body conserving precious oxygen in reserve so that when you need it most, your body won’t let you down.

This sounds simple, but the impact can be quite extraordinary, as we can simulate altitude down to 7% oxygen, a 3rd of what is available at sea level, if you can function at this level…..imagine your energy levels and exercise performance at 21%!! To put this altitude in perspective the summit of Kilimanjaro has about 10% oxygen available, talk about hitting the heights!

Kilimanjaro in all its glory!   1 comment

Kilimanjaro in all its glory!